Bollywood’s Going Places…
Like the much-talked about IT industry of India, that has spread its tentacles far and wide (and, continues to do so), the Indian film industry stands at a juncture where it sees ample roads leading it to much higher grounds. Countries after countries are all set to lap up India and its dream machine that also happens to be the highest film producing industry in the whole world. Not only are more countries scouted for wondrous locations for that extra feel-good, but for a market that’s fast burgeoning with the day. Bollywood, slowly but surely, is becoming a part of international life, much akin to what it is in India. And, Bollywood stars are fast catching up with other international stars as role models. So, apart from the standard stage shows featuring Indian film stars, there are umpteen films being made not just in joint ventures between India and other nations, but as purely independent foreign productions.

…So Are We
When such a market beckons players, can real sport ever stay put? With a market that’s rising with the day, it only asks for more and more professional players from the audio-visual field to pitch in with their creative and production caliber. And, that has propelled Malhotra Productions to be a part of this industry, yet carve a niche for itself.

Why Us?
Let’s have a brief introspection, a look at our own self, before we get going further. Malhotra Productions is an audio-visual production company, having vast reservoir of experience and expertise in the field of documentary, animation, advertising film, feature film and software for television. A professionally managed company and a member of the Association Of Motion Pictures And Television Programme Producers (Regn. No. 486) since 1995, Malhotra Productions has quite a number of feathers in its cap. Feature Film Malhotra Productions has also successfully produced and released its first film.
Mohre .....
Mohre Malhotra Productions first feature film, it is directed by Neeraj Pathak, starring Nileish Malhotra, Niki Aneja, Sheeba, Tom Alter, Surendra Pal and Sujeet Kumar. A fast-paced, action thriller that takes the audience through a virtual roller-coaster ride with pace and stylistic approach.

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